The Consumer Caring Scheme is to recognise local organisations which demonstrate excellence in consumer care through effective use of technology and practice of consumer value-related strategies with an ultimate goal to uplift industry's overall capabilities in delivering consumer product and service.

Principles and Definitions

All applications will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Caring for Consumers

    Provide consumers with the best product/ service level all the time and to exceed consumers' expectations whenever possible

  • Keeping Promises

    Demonstrate continuous improvement in operation efficiency and fulfill commitment in delivering excellent services

  • Being Sincere

    Understand consumers’ needs with sincerity and provide them with the most relevant information and choices

  • Ensuring Product Quality and Safety

    Apply information technology and global standards to facilitate collaboration amongst supply chain stakeholders and enhance the overall product quality and safety standards

  • Focusing on Service Quality

    Offer timely and flexible services to consumers

  • Listening to Consumers

    Proactively solicit feedback from consumers in different touch points to ensure effective interaction and communications

  • Caring for Employees

    Provide employees with a friendly, supportive working environment and a wide range of training programs to enhance the capabilities and competencies of the staff to keep pace with the technological advancement and changing business landscape


About GS1 Hong Kong
Founded in 1989 by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, GS1 Hong Kong is a not-for-profit industry-led organization. It is commited to enhancing Hong Kong enterprises' competitiveness through the provision of global supply chain standards, best practices and enabling technologies. As GS1's local chapter, GS1 Hong Kong is authorized to issue and administer GS1 identification numbers in Hong Kong. Standards and solutions offered include bar coding services, B2B e-commerce services, Global Data Synchronization(GDS) and Electronic Product Code™ / Radio Frequency Identification (EPC/RFID). The organization also hosts a wide range of training courses to facilitate knowledge transfer for SCM principles, e-business strategies, global standards and the implementation of enabling technologies. The GS1 community has over one million corporate members spanning over 150 countries and economies and more than 20 industries around the world. For more information about GS1 Hong Kong, please visit: www.gs1hk.org

Supporting Organizations
Media Partner
2011-14 Endorsed Company: 3M Hong Kong
3M Hong Kong is attentive to the needs of customers, and provides them with a range of innovative and practical merchandise. 3M Hong Kong has its own logistics centre and technical support facilities to raise our service quality and efficiency, reinforcing 3M as a trusted brand. This year, we are honored to receive the title of ‘Consumer Caring Company’ from GS1 Hong Kong. We will continue to address our customers’ needs and create new products and solutions, helping them to meet the challenges and grasp opportunities.

Mr. Barry Liao, Managing Director of 3M Hong Kong Ltd
2011- 14 Endorsed Company : Swire Coca-Cola HK
As a leading ready-to-drink beverage manufacturer in Hong Kong, Swire Coca-Cola HK has always provided quality beverages. We go beyond fulfilling the refreshment and hydration needs of consumers by actively enhancing our diverse portfolio of beverages. We also contribute to society by championing sustainable developments. The “Consumer Caring Company” accolade recognizes our excellence in service. Going forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing care and service to our consumers.

Mr. Lance Wright, Former General Manager of Swire Coca-Cola HK
2011- 14 Endorsed Company : Wai Yuen Tong
Wai Yuen Tong is Hong Kong’s typical century old pharmaceutical factory. Not only we dedicate to drugs manufacturing and quality assurance, we also take initiative to care our customers, and provide them with suitable products, service and healthcare advice. They will hereby treat us as family health consultant. We are honored to be recognized as ‘Consumer Caring Companies’. The award affirms our leading position in the industry and we will continue to care for Hong Kong citizens’ health.

Ms. Karen Tang, Executive Director of Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Co Ltd
2011-14 Endorsed Company: Royal Medic

御藥堂(控股) 有限公司 集團執行董事 黃茂泰先生
2011- 14 Endorsed Company : Casablanca

卡撒天嬌集團有限公司 副主席/執行董事 鄭斯燦先生
2011- 14 Endorsed Company : Giormani

歐達家具有限公司 創辦人及董事 唐慕貞女士
2011-14 Endorsed Company: ToolBox
ToolBox, A Gilman Group company, offers hassle-free one-stop home appliances and electrical maintenance and repair services. ToolBox services originate from the all-rounded understanding of Customers’ needs. The key business initiatives of ToolBox are “Service Excellence, Customer First”, “System Support" and "Sustainability", all aim to achieve the ultimate goal of “Consumer Caring”. Participating in Consumer Caring Scheme further enhances staff’s driving force and motivation in achieving excellence in Services, assures the commitment to providing unparalleled service pledges, as well as encourages innovative services which are well-recognized by consumers. The recognition further affirms the company's strategic direction in achieving services excellence and also fosters the culture of customer focus and service quality within the organization. ToolBox commits to continuing the service excellence via participating and turning ideas into action plans, implementation, review and enhancement in order to achieve the ultimate success of exceeding customers’ expectations.

Mr. Edward Lee, General Manager of ToolBox
2012- 14 Endorsed Company : Colgate Palmolive (HK)
Colgate Palmolive (HK) Ltd is the leading consumer product company in Hong Kong which focuses on providing quality products in Oral Care and Personal/Home Care categories. We are very honored to be awarded as "Consumer Caring Company" by GS1 Hong Kong again, recognizing contribution and values from Colgate Palmolive Hong Kong and all our staff. We will continue to expedite our value of Caring - by providing the best quality of products, listening to the needs of consumers and meeting the needs of the communities we serve.

Ms. May Chung, General Manager of Colgate-Palmolive (HK) Ltd
2012-14 Endorsed Company : Angel Group

天使集團 主席 張月仙博士
2013-14 Endorsed Company : Chow Tai Fook Jewellery

周大福珠寶集團有限公司 執行董事 孫志強先生
2013-14 Endorsed Company: Watson's Water
屈臣氏蒸餾水於過去110多年來,一直堅持信念,為消費者提供至清至純的蒸餾水及卓越的顧客服務。屈臣氏蒸餾水已連續第二年榮獲由GS1 Hong Kong頒發的「貼心企業」嘉許。作為市場的領導者,屈臣氏蒸餾水會定時透過消費者調查以了解市民大眾的需要及市場趨勢,以便制定及提供更切合的產品及服務。於未來日子,屈臣氏蒸餾水會持續堅持品牌信念,堅守產品的質素,為消費者帶來更貼心的產品及服務。

屈臣氏蒸餾水 香港區飲料銷售及市務總經理 曹劍宏先生
2013-14 Endorsed Company: Super Star Group
鴻星集團25年來一直以顧客為先,致力提供優質的服務及不斷研製具話題性的創新美食,務求為顧客帶來驚喜及多元化的餐飲體驗。獲得GS1 Hong Kong舉辦的「貼心企業」嘉許,是對鴻星集團優質服務的肯定。未來我們會繼續積極主動了解顧客需要,於產品研發及製造、顧客服務等範疇上持續實踐「貼心」理念,全力推動「貼心待客」的文化,並秉承25周年企業口號「創味.嚐樂」,以創意締造味道,讓顧客體驗食的快樂。

鴻星集團 營運及發展總監 何麗詩小姐

2013-14 Endorsed Company : CR Care

華潤堂有限公司 營運總監(香港區域) 連卓軒先生
2013-14 Endorsed Company: China Resources Vanguard
華潤萬家超市即將迎來在香港的第30個春夏秋冬。30年來,我們用心建立舒適便利的生活超市,與顧客建立了友好的鄰舍關係。我們在工作中也貫徹著“好商品、好環境、好服務” 的營運理念,真正把顧客放在第一位。我們很高興獲得「貼心企業」的嘉許,同時我們也會繼續努力,在今後的日子裡,把華潤萬家用心貼心的服務帶到每一個家。

華潤萬家(香港)有限公司 董事總經理 陳元先生
2013-14 Endorsed Company: Wong Lo Kat

王老吉(企業)有限公司 董事 王健儀女士
2013-14 Endorsed Company : Memorigin

萬希泉鐘錶有限公司 董事長 沈慧林先生 
2013-14 Endorsed Company: Swipe
自1971年美國清潔工將第一瓶穿梭機用的清潔劑用於家居清潔開始,40多年來SWIPE 一直為世界各地的家庭用心打造潔淨無菌的居家環境。不論於產品的研發,生產製造以致新產品的推出,SWIPE均以消費者的需求作考慮,務求產品及服務可與時並進。是次獲得由GS1 hong Kong頒發的『貼心企業』嘉許確實令公司上下感到興奮,更是對大家一直努力及堅持的一種肯定。今後,SWIPE會繼續用心堅持為消費者提供貼心及優質的家居清潔產品。

威寶(香港)有限公司 總經理 張天文先生
2013-14 Endorsed Company: Byford
英國百年品牌Byford,連續兩年獲頒「貼心企業」嘉許,是對 Byford優質服務及關愛消費者的肯定。Byford秉承貼心企業宗旨,心繫顧客,關懷員工,用心聆聽,實踐承諾,宣揚「以消費者為先,貼心關懷顧客」的精神,全面提升內外衣服飾的產品質素與服務水準,同時傳承英倫文化,為顧客締造時尚舒適的著裝風格,將英式管家的貼心服務帶到店中。店員時刻保持親切殷勤的態度,讓顧客有回家的感覺。

Byford 品牌總經理 何滿光先生
2013-14 Endorsed Company : Original Taste Workshop

原味家作有限公司 董事 黃瑞顯先生